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Trust Building Games

Trust Building Games - Trust is a vital component of leadership. To be an effective leader, it is important for a person to build trust in his followers. You can expect people to follow you only if you can build trust and a mutual understanding between you and your team members. Trust building games can serve this purpose.

Blind Walk is one such game. For this game, divide the group into teams of at least 5 or 6. Ask each team to elect a leader for their team. Blindfold all the members of each team but not their leaders. Assign each leader a path to be traced. Now, ask each of the team leaders to direct their blindfolded team members along the path. Effective communication, a sense of responsibility and trust are of importance in this team activity.

Trust Fall is another trust-building activity where the participants are required to stand in a circle. You may require them to make more circles if the number of participants is more. One member breaks out of the circle and stands at its center. He then lets himself fall freely in any direction and those forming the circle catch him before he falls. The game can continue till all the members of the circle get a chance to do the free fall! 

Mine Field is a popular trust building activity. For this game, divide the group into pairs. One in each pair is blindfolded and the field is strewn with objects like balls, blocks, cones, rings, etc. The person who is not blindfolded has to guide his blindfolded partner to cross the mine field without hitting any of the mines (objects) laid on the field. The guide can neither enter the field nor touch his blindfolded partner. The instructions need to be in the verbal form. The pair which manages the mine field travel in the least time and with the blindfolded partner hitting the least number of mines, is declared as the winner.

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